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Official FWS IRCd Website
The FWS IRCd package is not only an IRC server, but has fwsd compatible Services,
many IRC clients, some bot packages, a professional bot and many other IRC tools.
The FWS IRCd is based on a branch developed from P10 called F10,
but isn't made to work with it. You cannot link with P10 IRCds anymore.
The IRCd has a built-in webserver, which needs some tweaking but works alright.
It has scripting support, many script modules with it, and script documentation.
Languages currently supported are: VBScript and JavaScript. (Perl and Python can be made.)
Theres a lot of IRC tools coming with the package. IRC services, bots, clients, IRC proxy.
Please go to << FWSnet Forums >> for discussions about this software.
This IRC server and all its tools is made from scratch by me, Gonzo. I made them just to kill off some time, but I
must admit it has become more than just another IRCd.

IRCd Readme     IRCd History    IRCd Scripting SDK      IRCd Howto Config

FWSbot2    fwsd services     fwsd Client       fwspipe IRC Pipe        fwspipe Raw Pipe
        IRCd version 1.3 FINAL! Build 815 is a stable release. NTService function back up and fixed minor problems.
        Download here --> RAR: FWS IRCd rared ZIP: FWS IRCd zipped (03.12.2007)
        New fwsbnc version released: fwsbnc-1.0.44. This version is compatible with the new fwsdenc-2 encryption.
        Download here --> RAR: fwsbnc IRC Proxy (05.10.2005)
-Version Information-
Current IRCd version: fwsd-1.3.815 UPLOADED: 03.12.2007
Current Services version: fwsdserv-1.0.45 UPLOADED: 28.02.2005
Current Client version: 1.0.57 UPLOADED: 15.09.2004
Current FWSbot2 version: 2.0.121 UPLOADED: 15.09.2004
Current IRC Proxy version: fwsbnc-1.0.44 UPLOADED: 05.10.2005
Current Proxy/Pipe version: fwspipe-1.0.3 UPLOADED: 07.04.2005